Thursday, July 24, 2008

Some 200 400

Since my last post a week or so ago, i've played a fair few sessions of $200/$400. I've probably won about $150,000 in that time but haven't really been playing good, i seem to tilt worse it that game than my regular stakes. In the last month i won almost exactly $1 million, making me up about $2 million on the year. Its just so sick, at the start of the year my target for what i wanted to win online for 2008 was $750k-$1 million, must make sure i don't give it back!

Here are some of the recent big pots i played...

Antonius makes a good call against me

Antonius gets lucky

Cracking the Aces

Big pot on Betfair

One i lost to ICallSoWhat

600 bb pot that my opponent played like a ******

HU v Durrrr hand 1

HU v Durrrr hand 2

HU v Durrrr hand 3

HU v Durrrr hand 4

I guess the last one is most interesting, especially as its a $143,000 pot. I think his flop call is pretty bad. I'm definitely betting the majority of blank cards. If his plan is to bet out if any AKQ24 no flush/straight cards comes on the turn then i was pushing (as i showed). Maybe he was planning to represent the flush too with the bare king (i guess so). Anyway, i got lucky after he hit his two outer on the turn!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on a fab year so far, enjoy reading your blog. Keep it up

Anonymous said...

easy mate - just read you entire blog again while at work -;-)

top read - helped me think alot about what i want to achieve and were i'd like to go with my poker career - (not that its started as yet.)

i know u cant really paste too much of your thinking on hands on here as ur regular opponents might read them - but the old stuff was great,

sure there will be a big (well bigger) win in a major event soon.

thanks for an entertaining week at work ha ha. peace

Anonymous said...

Make sure you spend some of those winnings :-)

Anonymous said...

I do not believe any of this

lee h2

voiceofjoe said...

Ben, Have you jacked in with the NLHE Cash altogether now ?

Milkybarkid said...

yeh i hardly play NLHE cash at all any more. I was doing well this year at it till the last week or so, when i started get coolers all the time!

Anonymous said...

One of your linked blogs i read has gone? TheHitSquad. Have they gone broke or something?

Jimmakos said...

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