Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Been on a great rush in the last week. I'm up close to $400,000. Mostly at $50/$100 Heads Up PLO on Full Tilt. Definitely my best ever week online.....

Here are a few of the bigger hands that i've played lately!

Set over set in $60k pot

Winning a $110k coinflip

Hand holds up in $36k pot

$30k pot against the same guy

Calling a bluff - $78k pot

Calling a bluff - $30k pot


Anonymous said...

Ben how is it playing against drrr etc? i mean these guys are the best players in world at PLO , i know ur a great player as well but do you still think you have en edge against most of them?

Anonymous said...

Oh my god. Someone told me about your blog, and now i've found it wow.

I used to play with you at Omaha in Cardiff like ten years ago. You always seemed to win back then. You have probably played about a million hands since. I still play online a bit generally small stakes like 1/2

I sent you an email as well.


Anonymous said...

Well done on the rush Ben.
I'm most interested in the 2 bluffs that you called.

In the first one, the only hand he could possibly have that could beat you is QT. Did you discount this because
(a) you had 2 Queens,
(b) had the Qd (and the Ad) which lessened the possibility of him being on a some kind of flush/straight draw.
Am I over analysing ?
For 25k, a ballsy call though.

I don't play Heads-up PLO but his call on the turn seems pretty bad.

In the second bluff, did you rule out him having a Q as he didn't bet the flop ?


Anonymous said...

you going back for main event, Ben? Nice rush.

Milkybarkid said...

Anon 1 - I guess i have to believe that i have an edge over most high stakes Omaha players or i wouldn't play in the games. There are certainly some players i'm less inclined to play, because if there is any edge its super marginal.

Anon 3 - In the first hand i can obviously rule out him having 9Txx on flop as he definitely bets it. It leaves only the possibility that he had a hand like TQKx, and we me having QQ its even less likely. I really felt this particular player was going to bet any board change, and i was calling unless a the flush draw i didn't have came, as i put him on that.

The second one again i had a very strong feeling that he was making a move on me. After i called the three bet on the turn, i was going to call the river most of the time depending on what card came. He also knows that its very hard for me to have a house, because i'd bet the flop with two pair or a set.

Anon 4 - Nah im not bothering to go back for the main event. My next tourneys will be the WSOP Europe and the EPTs. I've bought some decent percentages to have an interest in it!

Pud's Poker said...

$400k? Wow!

Ben, I've been thinkling of learning Omaha as I've watched a few games and at the stakes i can afford to play the mistakes made on an hourly basis are truely awful.

Before I sit down with my hard earned cash could you recommend any Omaha articles or blogs of distinction? I lurk on 2+2 but the majority there seem to just want to berate everyone!

Renee said...

I also have been thinkling of learning Omaha... Have also watched a few games and at the stakes, and I've heard it's a good game to cash in. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

Anonymous said...

well played mate, nice to see Durr lose a bunch to you :)


Milkybarkid said...

Puds - Hmm its tough because most of the older literature out there, just isn't suitable for short handed aggressive games, which is mostly what you will find online.

One thing i always recommend is to learn to play Heads Up Omaha first. It makes you much better at marginal decisions and you learn key skills like value betting. Start of small - variance is huge.