Tuesday, July 31, 2007


I decided to take a close look at my Poker tracker to see where my money has gone this year lol. Here are the results!

Betfair Pot Limit Omaha

$250/500 6 handed max

Hands Played 267 Result +$31000

$100/$200 6 handed max

Hands Played 1920 Result +$90000

$50/$100 6 handed max

Hands Played 1031 Result -$62000

$50/$100 Heads Up

Hands Played 1400 Result +$27000

$25/$50 6 handed max

Hands Played 21000 Result +$174000

$25/$50 heads Up

Hands Played 3600 Result -$36500

Overall PL Omaha - +$223500

Betfair NL Holdem


Hands Played 172 -$21000

$100/$200 HU

Hands Played 2200 -$61000


Hands Played 116 -$21000

$50/$100 HU

Hands played 1740 -$41000


Hands Played 4500 - $67000

Overall NL Hold'em - $211000

Crypto PL Omaha

$25/$50 6 handed max

Hands played 13000 - +$102100

$50/$100 6 handed max (actually is a £25/£50 table)

Hands Played 4100 - +$62000

Overall PL Omaha +$164100

Crypto NL Hold'em

$25/$50 6 handed max

Hands played 2030 +$21000

$80/$160 6 handed max

Hands played 3100 -$44000


Hands played 220 -$105000 (was such a sick day)

Overall NL Hold'em -$128000

Full Tilt PL Omaha


Hands played 1560 -$61000


Hands played 700 -$39000

Overall PL Omaha -$100000

2007 PL Omaha +$287600

2007 NL Hold'em -$339000

I've missed out $10/$20 games but i'm pretty much even on the year. At one point i was down around $300000 ish ... sick! At times this year its gone very badly online, but considering the runs i've had i don't feel too bad about the results so far.

Clearly Hold'em has gone very badly this year. Last year i won about $250000 playing Hold'em and this year i'm down about $300000. A $550000 swing! I've definitely played badly at times and haven't been as focussed at Hold'em cash as i once was (far too easily tilted). The general standard of players has definitely got better!

Seems my best results by far have come at $25/$50 PL Omaha 6 handed. I'm up close to $300000 at that.... maybe thats what i should stick too :-D

There are a load of big tournaments scheduled from September onwards.... here is what i am hoping to play!

EPT Barcelona August 28th - Sept 1st €7700 NL Hold'em
WSOP Europe Sept 8th - 10th £5000 PL Omaha
EPT London Sept 25th - 29th £5200 NL Hold'em
WPT Barcelona Oct 11th - 16th €7500 NL Hold'em
GUKPT London Oct 18th - 21st £1000 NL Hold'em
EPT Dublin October 30th - Nov 3rd - €7700 NL Hold'em
GUKPT Final 29th Nov - 2nd Dec - £3000 NL Hold'em
EPT Prague December 10th - 14th - €3700 NL Hold'em


Rupert said...

TBH, a 16k hand sample size doesn't mean a lot. Nice PLO results though

Spudy said...


Would appreciate it if you could link me up please Ben.

I have your link on my blog.



Tom SF said...

I'm interested in how much you take out of your bankroll to live. Does handling such large amounts online mean you are loose with money in the real world? Does $5,000 in your hand mean the same as $5000 in your account?

Also, you talked ages ago about donating a slice of winnings to charity - have you thought more about this?

James said...

Stick to Omaha !!! There's much more money to be made for you there.

Milkybarkid said...


I pretty much spend what i want but i'm not ridiculous. $5000 in the hand always seems alot more than on a poker table!

The Charity thing i am going to do. Haven't decided on a %% yet but will give it more thought before i start playing tournaments again!

Littleacornman said...

Added your link to my sidebar too.A link back would be great.


United113 said...

Hi Ben

I have a quick question if thats ok...

Which poker tracker do you use? I have tried to link one up on evaluation basis (i play usually on pokerstars). Does the software automatically import hand histories or do you have to request them from the site and then it automatically impots them from the folder they are saved to?? If this is the case how often do you reqest hand histories??

I really want to get this up and running, is it really that difficult or am i just being stupid??..


Anorak said...


I edit the new Poker blog on Betfair. If you have any words you would like to share - tips, posts etc. - please let me know.

Best wishes


psorene [at] anorak [dot] co.uk

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