Friday, August 24, 2007

Random Stuff

I've just got back after a three week holiday in Cuba. Really interesting country to visit with loads to see... only played a few hours poker whilst i was away. Nothing interesting to report on that front!

Before i went away, I did some travelling around the UK to some pubs where the winner of each single table tournament got an entry to a satellite for the WSOPE main event ... its called the Betfair Poker Hit squad! Here are a selection of the clips! Part 1 and Part 2. I do like the Midlands really! God i hate watching myself on TV.

I'm excited about the next couple of weeks. I'm off to Barcelona for the start of EPT season 4 on Tuesday. I am playing Day 1(b). It will be interesting to see how much the bigger buy will affect the numbers.


Karl said...

Good name, I'm sure I've heard it somewhere before...

Anonymous said...

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John Wheatland said...

Christ you look 12 years old.

Tom SF said...

Those vids are very funny! I play in a pub poker league in Bristol and some venues really do attract all sorts. Fortunately they are not all like that though!

jpc38 said...

funny clips. turning up in birmingham with a posh bloke and beating them in their own pun must have gone down well. seems like a lot of fun actually. gl for the ept this season.

Anonymous said...

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