Sunday, July 08, 2007


Hmmmm built my stack up to 60000 by the end of level 3. Was cruising. Average was 28000. Then lost with 47 v 79 all in on a 47K flop for 30000. Got back to 65000 when the following hand happened. Couple of limpers (blinds 200/400) I make it 1600 with KK in the BB. Two callers. Flop JQ7. SB check... i bet 6000. Other guy folded.... SB makes it 15000. I call. Turn a 7. He moves all in for about 37000. Its almost impossible for me to be losing given the preflop action so i insta called. He showed JQ. At this point it was a 110k pot for the chip lead. Off course i got four outered....



Check In The Dark said...


That is harsh man. The player sounds like a complete muppet. (also the 97 one for that matter)Its enought to warrent a Hellmuthian outburst!

I always read that you are getting your money in good the majority of the time. Its definately got to be tough, especially on such a big stage, but you know that if you keep making these correct plays i know you will have your moment in the not too distant future.

All the best

John Wheatland said...

You couldn't possibly think you were behind?? JQ is a great limpers hand imo and he got very lucky to have it hit him in the face. No way I'd of called for 37k.

Milkybarkid said...

Behind on the turn i mean.

He can't have JJ or QQ as he raises preflop for sure. having a 7 is very unlikey as he doesnt call a raise preflop with J7 or Q7.

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