Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Been playing a load online since i got back from Vegas. Probably put in about 90 hours in the last two weeks and things have been going good. I've mainly been playing $25/$50 PL Omaha.... had a few shots at $50/$100 as well, and even a bit of Hold'em.

Looking back on my tracker i had really good results at short handed NL Hold'em last year and i have hardly played this year, except for an unsuccessful period of playing Heads Up $50/$100 and $100/$200 on Betfair. Anyway, i played two tables of $25/$50 yesterday 4-6 handed for a while and did well despite running bad. Maybe i've found my enthusiasm to play NL cash again!

Tournament wise... there is nothing before the WSOP Europe that i'm going to play. Going away next weekend for a non poker holiday! You can buy in for the WSOP Europe on Betfair's poker site now... there is even a small discount because we are running good against the dollar right now!


Smart Money said...


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Spudy said...

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syferium said...
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Wayne Blodwell said...

Hi Ben, thought I'd ask how would you play this:

25/50 Omaha, 3 handed, UTG has $5k, Me button has $12k, BB has $9k and is playing quite loose/donkish.

UTG raises to 150, I call in sb with 2h,3h,4c,4d and bb calls.

Flop comes 2s,4s,Qd, I check, bb checks, UTG makes bet at pot for 400 (as he had regularly been doing on flops), I call, and the bb raises to 1600. How would you play it from here? And would you just call with your set from the UTG bet on the flop?

Interested to know how you would play it. Hope all is good. Cheers

Wayne Blodwell said...

ps ... UTG folded to the bb's raise.

Milkybarkid said...

Calling or raising are both fine! I'd probably raise 60% of the time and call 40% (can't fold middle set).

You could take a card to see if the flush comes, as i guess his most likely hand is the nut flush draw.

Wayne Blodwell said...

Cheers Ben.

Well I decided to re-raise him, trying to take it there and then, but he pushed for 3k more, I called. he had As,Qs,9s,5s, and I couldnt swerve the spade or 3 on turn.

Thanks for your comments.