Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Grafting ish!

Been playing a load since my last post and managed to have had a decent recovery. Decided not to go to the Bellagio because i needed to concentrate on the games online, and also the WSOP is just six weeks away so i can look forward to playing a load of tournaments there..... and hopefully a final table or two.

Haven't been playing any bigger than $25/$50 apart from the odd short stack attack at $50/$100. More than anything i just hate to lose at the bigger games, because i know i am not properly bankrolled to play them yet. It probably makes me play differently as well becuase i know i play too tight compared to my usual game.

My next tournament is the Poker Masters which is an invite only 36 player field which is going to be at Hammersmith studios down the road. I haven't played too many TV tournaments but i hope to start playing some more soon. Betfair also have a news blog now which is here.

I stumbled across Brian Townsend's blog as well which shows some of the monster swings and wins in the biggest games online.


CreamBun said...

Speaking of blogs and bankroll management, I presume you have spotted that BlueScouse (88% Concentration) is back?

Claims to have built his bankroll up to £100k before blowing 1/3rd of it.

I know you have recommended this Blog before, I worry it could be groundhog day for young Ed despite the efforts of the likes of UKGatsby on the Betfair Forum trying to help him out.

DJC said...

Good Evening,

I have been a long time reader of your blog. I think i originally came to you via dpommo's blog (where is he these days??) Thanks to you and a few others i have started blogging (hasn't everyone?) its definately small time money but i'm determind to improve and it aint just about poker. Its at If you've got a minute have a look and if you like it, link it.

i'm sure you'll breeze through this blip spot you say you're experiencing at the moment and i wish you all the best for the tv tourney and the wsop.

Milkybarkid said...

Yeh i saw Bluescouse was back... he's had some fairly big wins in the £100/£200 NL Game.

DJC - Pommo is still about... just think he has retired the blog. I added you yo my links!