Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Oz Update 3

I busted out of the main event on Day 1. I'm reasonably happy with most of the decisions i made, i get much more annoyed when i play badly.

The only real hands of note were these:

- I had AK 4 times and lost each of them. Twice i gave them up after missing flop, twice i continuation bet them, and gave up on the turn. So i decided i was going to play them like Aces or Kings if i missed the flop. Blinds 100/200. I made it 650 UTG. Button only caller. He hasn't been too busy so far. Flop J45. I bet 700 he calls. Turn a 5. I fire the second bullet of 2100. He thinks for a while and calls. River a 9. Now more often than not i will check here, but i fired the third bullet of 5500 and again after a dwell i got called. He had TT. Fair enough good call but i am beating him like 80% of the time given the action. That put me down to 12000 (we started with 20000)

- I limp in mid position with QT suited. Another limper and BB raises to 500 to play. Aggressive player so i see a flop. Flop 55T. He bets 1100. I call. Turn a 6. He checks and i bet 1700. He called. River a Queen and i bet 2700. He called and mucked. Difficult to put him on a hand there.

- The exit hand. I had dribbled down to about 10800 chips. Mid position made it 600 to play. Two callers so i call with JsQs. Flop 3d8s9s. This was the second flop i liked all day. I checked. Preflop raiser checked. Tight player bet 800 into a 2400 pot and the an aggressive Scandie made it 2400 on the button. I thought his range was big, and i could get him to fold if i pushed so i did. I also didn't want to just call 25% of my chips. He had a good hand though a set of threes and i couldn't catch any of my outs.

Hate busting out of tournaments but a few hours later it doesn't seem like the end of the world anymore. Had a good 6 hour session online so all is good with the world :-)

Fly home on Saturday and will be playing alot in the next 5 or 6 weeks online, as there is a break in tournaments before the EPT resumes.

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Mrz said...

hi Ben.

Just wanted to say I did remember that hand in the WSOP against Mike M.

I see you had a difficult time in your last tournament.
Well, the "nice" thing to say is that also very good players don't always hit the good day... so at least it helps remembering this, when I am in a bad long (unlucky) session.

I hope you'll get your 2007 aims.
ps: if you get more than 50% of your 4th aim, then feel free to feed my bankroll :-)

Sorry for my poor english.