Saturday, January 13, 2007

Oz Update 2

Haven't played live since my last post... unless you count Chinese poker :-) Not much online either... just enough wins to cover my spending!

This is definitely the best poker trip in my opinion factoring in everything that makes a poker trip good. Weather, hotel, restaurants, price, bars, gym, spa, tournaments etc. It scores highly on all those. Only downside is the gruelling journey over here. They need the net on these long haul flights. I saw EPT Deauville got cancelled. Not too bothered about that... too boring there. Plus its also a pain to get too. At least there are a couple of other EPT events in Dortmund and EPT Warsaw that i'll be going to.

You get to meet some sick gamblers in this poker world. I was chatting to a couple of Scandi players that i know. One of them had a $2 million roll in December. He lost it all in two weeks. Was down to $10000 and now has $1 million again. The other one once lost $380000 in one night over 50% of his bankroll playing drunk a week or so ago.

Ali Masterman won the $1500 side event. Played very good. Loose aggressive to the extreme. He was like calling raises with 72 off to make a move on any flop. A nice cash at around £80000 i think.

I see the schedule for the WSOP 2007 is out. Its not to long till it starts. Very excited about it this year. They have added a bunch of $5000 tournaments and less NL Hold'em events which is a good move.....

I play Day one flight two on Monday. I've have tweaked my strategy a bit for multi tournaments so i'll see how that goes.


ShaaBoom said...

Good Luck Ben,


mftpg said...

Hey Ben, I see you moved to the new blogger version and your title is chopped off... same happened to me.

You need to go back and select your template again which sorts it out. Good idea to save your links etc first in case of issues.

GL at those tables - still enjoying the blog!

Cheers, Mark from Plan3t Gong

Suffolk Punch Poker said...

Playing drunk is never a good idea - particularly when you wake up next morning and realise you have donated $380,000!!!