Monday, January 22, 2007

Back in London

After another 28 hour journey i got home yesterday. Feeling a bit jetlagged and woke up at 4am today. I should be able to sort out my sleeping pattern soon enough though being a poker player.

I really enjoyed Australia. I mostly had a relaxing time, and only played about 10 hours live and about the same amoubt online during the trip. I've had decent results online so far this year, but in the next 4/5 weeks i'll be playing alot more so i expect the swings to return!

The next few weeks i'm going to be playing $25/50 and $50/100 NL Holdem and PL Omaha. I really want to step up and play higher but just hate the $100k losing days too much to take the risk. I want to get back in the $200/400 PL Omaha at some stage this year. Maybe if i buy in for $20000 a go and don't multitable, then that could be something i can do in a few weeks.

I've added a few more blogs and links on the right hand side as well. People need to update their blogs more often :-)


John Wheatland said...

Hi Ben,
Just recently started my own blog, would appreciate you adding my link. Good luck in the next few weeks, those amounts sound scary, lol.

Pinky said...

It would be cool of you felt so inclined to add my blog:


Mrz said...

Hey Ben, almost 2 weeks with no updates! I'm a fan, let me know how things are going!