Friday, August 11, 2006

At airport

There is a big delay to my flight home so i thought i'd write a quick update.

Betfair have opened up a 25/50 both $$ and ££, so i expect that my swings will become even more extreme in the coming months. Recently, i've felt that i have been playing pretty good at Hold'em, but not very well at PL Omaha. I managed a 10 hour session yesterday and i think the higher stakes forced me to concentrate and play better, and i had a pretty good session. Well enough for me to upgrade to the comfort of upper class on the way home :-D

I had fun in vegas, but i can't ever imagine myself doing the whole World Series of about 6 weeks. Met some decent guys who play on Betfair... Joey Lovelady (Protege) who cashed for $30000 in his first live tournament, and Ben Blackmore (Benno) who has a blog here. Hopefully their fledgling poker careers won't be corrupted too much from what they learnt from Dubai in the last few weeks.

The next tournaments for me will be EPT Barcelona and London. I expect the fields will be even bigger than season 2, and the entry fee has gone up, so i can't wait to give them a crack.


Ukgatsby said...

Good luck in the EPT events Ben, Linked you up on the Ukgatsby blog. Would be cool if you could do the same



kinghawko said...

Oi Grundy pay ya debts ;-)

Oh and don't tilt!!