Thursday, June 09, 2005

Vegas missing

Despite the fact i have never even played in the WSOP i really am looking on jealously at all the updates and tournaments that are going on. The Brits have come close in three events with Devilfish, Jeff Duvall and Harry Demetriou all coming close to winning bracelets. I am sure we should get a bracelet before the events run out. Maybe one of the Brits is saving themselves for the biggie.

Its good to see the Camel is back blogging. He has just arrived in Vegas and should have some interesting updates in the next few weeks.

Also i did break my no poker rule and played for nearly an hour on the $10/$20 Omaha on Betfair. Somehow i ended up with my $2000 in on a Tc9c2h flop with 9h9s7sKh. The turn a Jc and the river a Qh. Every straight and flush was out there and my hand was good, my opponent showed one pair. That was good for me and it has paid for my trip around Mexico so far. If you still have not qualified for the WSOP Betfair has one last chance for $300 this Sunday on Betfair. Click here to sign up. 10 seats are guaranteed and last week attracted just 266 runners so there is some extreme value there if you still have not qualified. The package includes accommodation, travel and $2000 spending money.

The one thing that travelling does give you alot of is time. I have thought about how my poker year has gone so far and one thing i definitely need to improve on is my Live cash performances. I have lost the last four times i have played which is a record number of consecutive losses. Playing so much online has definitely had a negative impact when i play cash games. I think its due to my patience. When i played far more regularly live last year i was always patient and looking for a very good spot to commit all my money. Now when i play i seem to be in a hurry. Its because i am so used to playing 2 or 3 tables at a time on the internet and quickly get bored when there are only about 10 hands an hour. I am going to play a fair bit of cash in Vegas so will hopefully play with far more patience and concentration.......


Nathan Baker said...

Hi ben just wanted to wish you the best of luck in the tournament.. i myself have played there once.. two years ago.. didnt do all that well but its good to hear of not just another brit playing there but a very local player.. i am still in south wales near newport.. and in the local paper there was an article about you playing in wsop , i am hoping to get ready for next years wsop due to illness i had to stop my plans for this year.. but again the best of luck let me know how it went please .. all the best Nathan Baker

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Ed Emblem said...

Ben, in spite of no one apparently noticing my childish plugging of Miss Millies' online antique store in a previous comment attributed to Clive Gibbons, I thought I may as well write again to wish you luck in Vegas and hope you get lots of braclets and stuff.

Jonny said...


Great article in the Telegraph, good luck at the WSOP.

Have been buying the Telegraph instead of the Times on Saturday's, great to see them covering it.

Milkybarkid said...

Thanks for the good luck messages. I will be giving the cash games and the tournaments my best shot.

Just 11 days now till i arrive - glad to see my Telegraph column in the telegraph is going well. If you have any suggestions of things you would like me to cover let me know.

Ed... long time no hear. Not sure how you found me but hope all is well. Drop me an email sometime.