Monday, June 20, 2005

Ready to rumble

Its not too long now to Vegas. I have been checking out Pokerpages and Cardplayer most days to find out what has been going on. The best performance of the Brits so far has come from Harry Demetriou who has managed a couple of final tables in massive fields. I think i may miss out the $3000 No Limit Holdem from my schedule because if by chance i reach Day 2, along with numerous others, then i will have to give the $10000 PL Omaha a miss as it starts at 2pm, and that is the one i am really looking forward too. There is a chance i may get to play in the $5000 Omaha Hi/Lo if i arrive from Mexico in time on the 30th.

I have had it on good authority that the PL Omaha cash games at the Rio where i am staying are hot. I have to decide what level to jump in at. I guess i may start at $10/$20 and see how i go.... i think i will be an amazing experience my first few days there.

I have had chance to play a bit of poker. Played a couple of hours of £5/£10 No Limit Holdem and ended up around £200 down. I have a poker challenge that i have thought up that will require some reader participation when i return from Vegas which should be fun. Its a 4 week challenge with a prize (yet to be decided) for the winner.

One of my fellow bloggers Mike Lacey has set up a new poker site called Antes Up... click here to check it out.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck in Vegas and hope you are enjoying Mexico. I dropped you a mail.