Wednesday, September 30, 2009

WSOPE bleh

WSOPE was a wipeout... in the HA i lost two flips, in the Omaha i lost a chunk to Dave Shallow in a pretty standard hand, and tilted off the rest. In the main event, i thought i played pretty good, my biggest pot i won was calling a 9k river bet with Ac6c on a 9cKc2s4dKd board, and it was good. I lost with KK three times, and then flipped for a decent stack against Jason Mercier with JJ v AK and busted. I ran good in % swaps and buys so recouped my £17500 outlay.

I'm playing EPT London on Saturday and may play some live cash. I haven't played so much online because i've been tilting like a monkey when i've played, so its best to have a bit of time off. I normally have two bad months a year so hopefuly January and September are the lot for the year :-)


micko said...

Can reveal your swaps ben?

Willie said...

I've added your blog to my list and I'm also following your blog. Hope you don't mind doing the same with mine.


Anonymous said...

can you post a picture of your set up pls ben would be interesting.....and the R8, lol