Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Haven't updated for ages.... had a huge downswing about six weeks ago and just about dug myself out of it.

I've reached some conclusions about online PLO at the moment. The players who were bad a while ago (2/3 years ago), are now average/good. The good players are now very good, the very good players are excellent etc. 10/20 - 25/50 is still pretty easy to beat, but i don't have the motivation to play those stakes anymore. 50/100 100/200 is very tough now. I rarely get to play players i think i have a massive edge on, most of the time i'm battling with top top players. To beat these players you need to have insane discipline, always play your best, never tilt, have a stringent stop loss, not play drunk etc

The last six months i've had bad discipline, tilted very easy, no stop loss, often played my C game, tried to win too quickly because i can't be bothered in having long sessions. I'm lucky that i've managed to win over the last six months really. I've had like 6-8 £100k+ losing days, which at the stakes i play is very hard to get back.

Anyway i haven't got any tournaments on the horizon, i may got to the PCA as i've never been before. Going to have some time off online, got some holidays coming up, and December is always a busy month.


play2win said...

NL is getting too hard to bet, is plo still beatable?


Milkybarkid said...

Yeh deffo beatable... especially smaller stakes, just tough 50 100 upwards.

Anonymous said...

Good to see that your mate Roland de Wolfe is still doing ok on X Factor, but is using the alias Danyl Johnson. Luckily he survived the bottom 2 last week !! Hehe !!

Anonymous said...

Is it not more important to make monies at this game then play a tougher, higher level just for the buzz ??? And how much is enough ????


ChrisC said...

I agree that PLO poker has gotten much more difficult over the last few years. There are games that are pretty easy, but you have to search now.

Daleroxxu said...

What is the reason for having a stop loss (the next hand is the next hand regardless of if it's today or tomorrow?

is it just related to tilt or any other reason?

Milkybarkid said...

Making money is always good, but who knows what is enough.... depends how long the gravy train lasts!


The reason stop loss per day is good.... is because i'll often quit when i'm $40k up on a day, and if i don't stop i can easy lose $150k on a day.... so its wipes out 3/4 days work in one day. Plus i tilt when i go behind 4buy ins+

Anonymous said...

could you tell me how did you study and improve your PLO games?
I am a big fan of you gl at the table!

Anonymous said...

Are you saying that days when your winning and games are running you just stop playing at 40K ? , Surely when your winning if games are good you need to continue to play. I agree with a stop loss if your losing on the day though.

Milkybarkid said...

Anon - I didn't really study. I've never read a PLO book or watched a video. I just learnt from playing and kept altering my style till i found the most successful one!

Its just a stop loss. When i'm winning i can carry on as long as i want!

johnny aces online poker coaching blog said...

Hey Ben.
Always admired your blog/general ability to crush high stakes.

Im a mid-stakes NL Holdem player, and am fully aware of how tough it is these days to beat the high stakes, yet alone nosebleeds. So congrats.

Just wondered if you'd like to share crosslinks to my blog. Im on ontheloo@yahoo.com if you're interested.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Ben,

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