Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Cool its almost time for some decent tourneys in London... i'm playing the £2.5k HA, £5k PLO and the £10k NL main event. I haven't played a tourney since Vegas so looking forward to it. I was going to play some of the WCOOP's but the structure is too slow and boring. The $2k Omaha you start with 10k chips and blind 10/20 and a 30 minute clock... complete snooze fest. 500bb deep in Omaha, there is no need.... plus the timing means it all nighters in the UK.

Online has just been like usual. Daily $50k swings... hopefully the action will pick up in the next few months. I'm going to have a couple of weeks off to chill while the WSOPE and EPTs are on. No point in playing a £2500 event after i've been up all night and lost £50k.


Robert12345 said...

Hey Ben,

Hope you are well. If your struggling for action you can try the ipoker skin and its pretty easy to change your alias there as well every so often.

Gl m8


Nick said...

Hi Ben,

Could I be a little cheeky and ask for a link exchange to my blog. I've linked you up already.