Monday, September 22, 2008

WSOPE - Event 1

I was the first person to cash at this year's WSOPE. Well it meant i was first to bust out in the money of the £1500 NL Holdem. Had ok chips going in to day 2, but just couldn't get anything going. I chopped a big pot when i was all in pre with AQ v A4, then i lost a big pot with 44v 66. You need to run good in these fast structured events.

I'll be playing the £5k PL Omaha and the £10k main event in the next week and a half. I also may play the £20k EPT high rollers event, if i am doing ok online. Haven't been playing so much since my last update.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ben

Good luck in the other events hope a UK player wins the main