Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Haven't posted any hand for a while, so here are a few Omaha hands from the last couple of weeks.

Aces v Kings

This got me steaming

Sick tilt and i get lucky

Winning a flip

Flopped a monster

We both hit this flop

Hit the perfect flop

I've actually been back playing NL Hold'em cash. I'm mainly playing HU, as i think i've more chance at winning at that. So far after 9 sessions of $50/$100 or bigger, i'm up about $110,000. It's good to play something different. Not really sure who the good or bad players are anymore, as its been a while since i played high stakes NL.

I'm not really getting so much Omaha action on Full Tilt and Betfair from the players that i want to play HU. Generally most of the ones that have been playing me are pretty decent. Maybe more fish will be around in the winter months........

The next few weeks are going to be pretty manic. I'll try and post some updates if something interesting happens.


marts_uk said...

i seen you play hu on fulltilt but cant remember who you was playing, anyway you hit n run him and the guy wasnt best pleased, then you was going on about how you would play him any time and calling him a donk etc. S i just wana ask is hit n runnin the best strategy to play to make long term profits?

Anonymous said...

^^ wth????

Ben, great to see you're doing well.

Are you playing the mcop in amsterdam?

Milkybarkid said...

I do sometimes sit out without any notice. Poker is about maximising your profits. If i'm playing $50 $100 and have $60,000 on the table, and am in for $10,000. If i lose a big pot say for $30,000, i'd still be up $35,000 but my opponent would now be extremely dangerous as he would have a stack that could take all of mine! So sometimes, not always, i'll end the session then.

It happens 3 times to me to every 1 time i do it back though. Sometimes players just win 20bb and then sit out after playing 10 hands.

I'll always play them the next session anyway. There is no player i won't play HU.

Milkybarkid said...

Not sure about Amsterdam yet, will see how i do in the next month of tourney's!

Eugene said...

It's too bad that these sites don't have an option of changing your nick like party poker used to.