Monday, March 17, 2008


The rake challenge finished a few days ago!

The winners are as follows:

Punterz08 - 1st Prize - Package to EPT San Remo in Italy - Entry plus £500 spending money. Worth about £4000.

Peego - 2nd Prize - Entry to a GUKPT - Entry into event of your choice in season two. Worth £1000.

I played the GUKPT London leg. Zzzzzz … someone obviously on tilt in Level one decides to call 22bb preflop with 56. Did half my stack on that hand. Just half an hour later I decide to float on a JQ3 flop with AT with the intention of bluffing further on. Turn brought a 9. I bet and got called. River K completing a back door flush of which I had the bare Ace. I shoved and got insta called by the queen flush. GG

Online has been going very good. I’m nearly $500,000 up for the year already and haven’t even been playing nosebleed stakes very much yet!

Been playing a small bit of $200/$400 PLO and am about even. I plan on giving it more of a go soon. Been mainly getting the lot HU at 25/50 and 50/100, long may that continue.

Next few tourneys are the Irish Open, EPT San Remo and EPT Monte Carlo. Hopefully I’ll make a run in one of them!


Anonymous said...

Wow 500k and its just March. You must be aiming huge for your yearly target.

Canuck Kid said...

Great rake promotion i cannot believe how generous it was, sites like raketherake give back $2000 per month to around 500 customers thats $4 a person.... very stingy. I mainly play on fulltilt at the moment however if there is another rake promotion I shall definitely give betfair a go via your sign up. Best of luck at your upcoming tournaments and once again awesome generosity.

Smart Money said...

$500k. Very nice!

Anonymous said...

canuck - raketherake give back $5k a month in their freerole and of their customers only about 170 enter, so more like $30 each for those that trouble to enter
(no I don't work for them; yes I am signed up through them)