Friday, February 29, 2008


I haven't been playing so much in the last few weeks.... just some 25/50 - 100/200 PLO on Betfair and been doing ok. Been so busy with birthday celebrations and skiing. Looking forward to playing alot more in the next few months.

Been looking at flights for the WSOP. Wow they have hit the roof price wise - sick. Since a few years ago prices have trebled, anyone know how to get discounts? Still haven't decided whether to do one extended stint, or a couple of shorter stints. It's cool they have added a few more $10k events and i'll definitely play the PLO, PL Hold'em and the Main. Its about time i ran good in Vegas after the last couple of visits!

I'll post some hands when i get back from skiing. Got a few interesting PLO ones!

Rake Challenge Leaderboard for 1st March (two weeks left)

Punterz08 £7178.41
Peego £7177.31
Kirdirf £4831.27
Beau777 £3382.07
Speedytom £2721.93


Pirus said...

Hi Ben,

What date do you expect to update the rake leaderboard?



Mr Silent said...

I was looking at flights to Las Vegas two days ago. It is getting disgraceful, for this week I could have gone direct with Virgin for £300ish then for anytime the next three months it was around £1000-1100. Even booking very early you can't get a decent price anymore. Absolute rip off.

Pirus said...

You can always do what I do and fly to florida, stay there for a few days and then fly to vegas. Florida is a great way of relaxing which is ideal if your playing poker. Flights are about £350-£450 and then £100 return flight from Orlando to vegas.

Eugene said...

Hi Ben,

Drop me an e-mail with the dates you want to fly and I might be able to get you a good price no guarantee's but will look into it for you.

Good to see the poker has been going well.


Dennis Crosby | Pokerlistings said...

Hi Ben,

had a look at your blog and read a few posts. I like what a read and it would be awesome to get the opportunity to work with you. Please send me an email at:


Anonymous said...

Just saw that ridiculous call made against you on Full Tilt for a 20k pot followed up by suckarama.

Stick in their mate.


Online Poker Pro said...

I know what you mean about the prices tripling. Lately every hotshot wants to head to Vegas to get a chance to play so naturally all the prices went up. I'll be honest, it is why I usually stay at home and just play online poker... much more comfortable and also cheaper :-)