Sunday, March 23, 2008

Irish Open

I started pretty well and had the best table ive had for a while at one of these big events....

Level 2 i was cruising with nobody really playing back at me and had built my stack to 14000. 50/100 and a few limpers and i raise it up to 500 with the good old AA on the button. Scandie raises it up to 1400 in the SB. In this spot i just don't like three betting. I don't want to give him any reason to fold AK, smaller pairs or a bluff, so i call. The flop comes K94. He bets 1600. I call. Turn is a 4. He checked and i bet small to look weak. Just 1600. He quickly raises it to 5000. I just can't see how i can fold. Anyway... we get all the chips in and he has KK. Guess its tough not to not lose a chunk there.

I finally went out when all in pre with 88 v A9 v QK to get me back in it!

EPT san Remo is sold out so my next tourney is the happy (ish) hunting ground Monte Carlo....


Poker-Blogger said...

Hi Ben,

I like reading your Blog.

Would love to exchange links with you.
Are you interested?

Poker play the Soap way said...

Hi mate random question ( soap from forum).

I have won a wpt / ept package for event of my choice - since you have played these - anyway you would recommend which could be combined with a decent holiday once i get busted?

I seen next series wpt now all USA based and no longer the Carribean legs etc?

Milkybarkid said...


I haven't played any WPTs except the Bellagio ones. As far as EPTs go i'd definitely recommend Barcelona EPT as the best when you take into account location, weather, bars/restaurants etc. Its a great city!

If they are paying for your hotel try and stay in the Hotel Arts or the Skipper Hotel. In that order....


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