Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Year

There is something strange about the start of the New Year when it comes to poker. All profit/losses get reset, and its time to go again. Despite claiming that i am going to take it easy in January, its very unlikely to happen. Think i am playing the best poker online of my life at the moment, so going to keep going. I'm even winning at high stakes NL Hold'em as well..... and when i am feeling less hungover, i'll get round to posting a few hands. I also managed to reverse my biggest ever loss a few days ago. I was $180,000 down playing $50/$100 PL Omaha and got the lot back in the same session.... so sick!

I was really looking forward to playing the Caribbean EPT event then going to the Aussie Millions. Unfortunately, due to a long drawn out house purchase, i can't leave the country for the next few weeks.... so my next tournament is likely to be EPT Dortmund which had a huge field last year.

My blog may well get moved here permanently soon. There is more scope to add stuff and card graphics are coming soon as well.


Anonymous said...

lol sick to come back if you were stuck for 1,800 big blinds! How did you do it?

Pirus said...

Hi Ben,

Any idea when you will post an update about the rake rankings for your EPT promotion?


Milkybarkid said...

Anon - The games were playing so big, i just didn't give up. I won a few $60,000-$80,000 pots which always helps! :-)

Pirus - Will post an update as soon as i get them myself. Should be before the weekend!

Anonymous said...

Post some hands then!