Sunday, January 20, 2008

Hold'em hands part 2

Ok firstly to the three hands that i posted a few days ago....

The first one i think is a close call between calling the flop raise and shoving most non scare cards on the turn, and folding. I don’t think shoving on the flop is a good option because it’s going to get insta called in this spot by a big draw or a dominating hand. I actually decided to fold, this isn’t a spot where i can have a dominating hand.... and there is also a chance he can have a K8, K9, 88 or 99 hand which almost leaves me drawing dead.

The second hand i really hated. I was expecting that if he was going to bet that it would be about $12000... and considering i had hardly seen this player before, i just had to look him up. Especially as i had checked to induce this sort of move. He showed QA which was quite surprising given the action. I’m still not sure its profitable in the long term to call in that spot, but sometimes you just have to go with the feel you have in the hand.

This hand happened shortly after the previous one. I thought that because of this, it looked to me like he had me beat. I just can’t see him betting JJ and smaller pairs. Often calling the turn, and leading out in this kind of hand means a big hand. So i folded....

I’ll search my poker tracker and post some more interesting hands in the next few weeks.

I’ve been looking at my tournament schedule, and in the next few months i am looking forward to playing four EPTs (Dortmund, Warsaw, San Remo, Monte Carlo).. its also my 30th birthday soon and i’m going skiing to Val D’isere which should be wicked. After all that its the WSOP again... it always seems to come around very quickly.... i’ve done a rough schedule which i’ll post closer to the date!


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the hands. Good luck in the EPT events!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ben

What is your email address?


Swardfish said...

I cant believe you're nearly thirty! I bet you still get asked for id now and again?

Milkybarkid said...

hehe yeh i got asked last weekend. It will probably catch up with me overnight!

My email address is

Anonymous said...


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