Wednesday, June 13, 2007

WSOP Update 6

I played three more tournaments since my last update....

WSOP $5000 Limit Hold'em. Think i did ok and busted about half way through... but suffered a really cold deck and also managed to lose two big pots to less than 10% chances.. guess that is Limit. Found it a pretty boring tournament.

Bellagio Cup $1500 NL Hold'em. Managed to get a big stack in this early and the standard was pretty bad. People open raising in early position with A4 off then calling all ins, and more stuff like that. I played one fun pot against the other guy on my table with big chips. Blinds were 200/400 and i made it 1100 on the button with ThJd. He called. The flop was 258 with two diamonds. He led out for 2700. I decided to call to attempt to take it away later. Turn was a 7d completing the flush and he bet 4500. Again i called... this time instantly. River and off suit Ace. He checked. I pushed all in for 12000 he folded after a dwell. Its fun when a plan works out.

I was above average chips when we made the money. Then it went wrong in a couple of hands. It had become a bit of a crapshoot with average stack on about 13BB. First i walked AQ into AA... then i defended my big blind with 9cKc and it flopped 923 rainbow. The preflop raiser had 33 and that was that. I won a few hundred $$$ for my effort!

$1500 WSOP NL Shootout. Had a fun table for this one. Brandon Adams, Grinder, Rousso, Seif and a couple of other decent players. Starting stack was 3000 and i got up to 4500. Only one guy had been knocked out and we were in level two. I flopped the nuts with AK on a TJQ flop... only for my opponent to make a house with his TT on the turn.

Today i have the $5000 NL Hold'em... and if i bust from that tomorrow is a $1500 PL Omaha freezeout. Heading home for a break for a few weeks after those events ... then back for the WSOP main event and possibly the WPT event.


Mal said...

For next time Ben, "It's fun when a plan comes together . . . ."

GL in the next few tournys

Tom SF said... are offering 200/1 on you making the main event final table:

DJC said...

fingers crossed for you mate

Ive seen you play a few times and read your blog fo a while. For what its worth from me, you always seem to play well and are willing to take calculated risks when necessary. If you continue like this the cash will come in due course.

All the best and do it for the UK!

Anonymous said...

What would you rather?
A)Travel around the world winning a lot of money playing poker?
B)Work for HCS for 7 years and still be stuck there?


Still love you, Ben.
Good luck.
From Sian.

tee hee hee..... xxx

Anonymous said...

What would you rather?
A)Travel around the world winning lots of money playing poker.
B)Work at HCS for 7 years and still be stuck there.

Still love you, Ben.
Good luck.
From Sian.

tee hee hee.... xxx

Anonymous said...

B0llocks. Can't even get that right.
Didn't mean to do 2.