Friday, June 08, 2007

WSOP Update 4

I think i am off tilt now from my PLO bust out hand. Though it is marginal. I never risked all my chips in any hand prior to the one i went out on and felt like i was cruising. Guess that is poker. I was so steaming i couldn't sleep at all when i got back to my room... and my sleeping pattern has been terrible since i have been here.

I played my second event today... the $1500 short handed Hold'em. Something like 1500 runners showed up for this one. You do really have to play good/run exceptionally well to beat a field that size. I managed to get my starting stack up to 9000 on a pretty good table. Everyone was quite ABC and i was cruising till i lost a QQ v A9 hand for seventy big blinds all in preflop.

Haven't played any live cash since i have been here. Not much PLO action in the poker room every time i have looked.

One interesting thing from the $5000 rebuy Omaha tournament. One of the players at my table thought he could use 3/4 cards from his hand... in a $5000 tourney... lol

He was all in against Brian Townsend for 20000 chips (blinds 50/100) ... on a 899 flop with KKK4 v 99xx. Brian has been playing Sammy Farha in the high stakes room $500/$1000 PLO heads up... sick stakes!

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