Sunday, June 10, 2007

WSOP Update 5

Sick again

I played the $5000 PL Hold'em... 390 runners and i never had my chips in the middle in bad shape/coin flip situation as i got up to 70000 chips with 60 left just over average. The biggest pot i won was fairly sick... i defended my SB blinds 600/1200 with 4h8h for a raise to 3200 with Robert Williamson calling along too. Flop 7TJ with two spades. Checked to Robert on the button and he checked. Turn a 4. I checked .. preflop raiser check again and Robert fired 9000. I figured he couldn't check behind with a made hand on such a dangerous flop so i reraised the full pot which put me all in. He dwelt and called with QK and the river bricked.

In the last level i lost a 70k pot with JJ v TT all in pre.... and then a 100k pot with AQ v KK when the flop brought an Ace. Both pots would have put me double the average with 50 left.

I lose motivation to play when this keeps happening.


razboynik said...

Hang in there Ben !
Don't forget the saying, "Chip and a chair".

United113 said...

Hi Ben


I have watched you play a few times and you always do exceptionally well. I have no doubt that one day i will check your blog and see on there that you have taken a big prize at an EPT or WSOP event of $500k+.

You seem to be making the right decisions and being outdrawn, one day everything will click.