Tuesday, January 03, 2006


The £10 freezeout on Betfair that i mentioned on my entry below, i ended up winning with over 500 runners. One of my mates Chris from uni came second so it was a good result all round. I pretty much couldn't lose when we got heads up. I got dealt KK, QQ, JJ, AQ, QK and AK in succession. First prize was a little over £2000.

I decided it was a great way to end the year so haven't played any poker since. Its been 17 days of no poker. That must be the longest i have lasted without playing a single hand for a few years. Hopefully the break will lead to a good start to 2006. Today or tomorrow i shall return to the tables. I have my new monitor that Nemesis recommended all set up now. It means i can play 4 tables with no overlap so its exactly what i was looking for.

I haven't got too much time to settle into a routine online, as i am of to Australia in a couple of days to play in the Aussie Millions. Will be there for just over two weeks so plenty of time to play some cash and smaller tournaments. I'll be posting plenty of updates whilst i am over there. The main event entry is Aussie $10000 which is about £4200 ... so that should generate a big prize pool. Unfortunately my time in Australia means i will miss EPT Copenhagen.

Last thing. If you are interested in a good rakeback deal on Betfair email me here ... its likely i can offer you something better than you currently get on the other Cryptologic skins (William Hill, UKBetting, Sun Poker, Betfair, Interpoker, PokerPlex and Littlewoods)


Rob Sherwood said...


Good luck in Oz (and for the rest of '06), will be following the updates.


Milkybarkid said...

Cheers Rob

I definitely need the luck at the moment

the mammal said...

cornedbeef won some big money?!