Sunday, January 23, 2011

Jan Update

Not much happening on the poker front. I quickly went up $75k on the year, only to give the same amount back mostly to the same fish. I always beat the good players and lose to the fish (I know he is a big fish as all the nitty regulars play him)

I've been really busy working on choosing everything for my new house, its still not going to be done for another 8 months though. The refurb/extension is also costing double what i budgeted... FML

I'm also training to run the London marathon for Wellchild, only done a few weeks training, and i'm going to have to do some serious work to break the four hour mark.

If anyone is feeling generous, and wants to sponsor a good cause, my sponsorship page is here.


Anonymous said...

Nothing worse than a fish! Went out this weekends Tourney to one. J6 vs my Kings, he hit trips.

My dad says hi. We were just talking about poker.

Tony Kimberley

Poker 5050 blog said...

I have a million stories about fish in the crowd. i lost last week at the Borgata open with Ace king as the moron raised preflop with some 5-7 of diamonds and hit a flush on me

He kjept it up with a huge raise after the flop when i hit my Ace and he only had one diamond on the board and just got a turn and river of diamond

part of the game my friend

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Anonymous said...

I hear you have an amazing and handsome architect. Youre so lucky!

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