Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I've probably played less poker in the last few months than at any point since i started playing for serious money online. This is mainly due to my bad run in August wiping out a big part of my available bankroll, and I currently have a huge project going on on the house i bought in London which is taking up alot of time, and much more money than i had originally planned. Plus my current place isn't selling which is very tilting, as i have way to much of my bankroll tied up to have $50k daily swings.

Anyway this year hasn't gone to plan. Jan-July were good, August - Now wiped out most of what i won in the first half of the year. I played bad, ran worse and lost amounts way bigger than my stop loss. So my bad second half of the year is mainly my fault, i should have lost about 40% of what i actually lost, the rest was just stupid.

I'm off travelling to South Africa till Xmas which i'm looking forward to then i'll be hitting the tables again in January. If i could have one wish for the new year it would be that sites (especially Full Tilt), found a way of fining the bumhunters that never play a single hand against a player that isn't a drooling moron (Googie Mon A, Cocomiel etc)

GL all


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GL for 2011. Blog more....

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