Tuesday, May 11, 2010

An Upswing

Online poker has been going much better in the last month. Below is the graph of my year so far. I had a really frustrating first 10,000 hands this year, but its been going alot better since that. I've been sticking to a stringent $40k a day stop loss in the last month, which i think has helped my results and sanity alot....


Anonymous said...


Good to see your results picking up. And good to see you posting a bit more often as well!

Best of luck at the tables


United113 said...

Brilliant Ben. 20k hands as well. it's like the perfect scenario. I know of people who play 1,000,000 hands a year and don't earn anywhere near what you have from 20k hands.

Nice results

Yorkshire Pud said...

Nearly $4k per day, you are a sick sick individual!

Robert "Animal" Price said...

Hi Ben, selling shares in WSOP event.



JT said...

As a newcomer to the online poker scene I've gotta say that your stats are pretty awesome. Impressive stuff man!

Amatay said...

Almost as good as my stats

alexandra said...

bah..my graphs looks nothing like that. :(

JT said...

Have since seen a bunch of other peoples' graphs and it really is the case that few of them come close!

Anonymous said...

Very very well !

Where can we see you playing ?
I don't see you often on full tilt...

Thanks and GG.


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