Friday, May 28, 2010


Only a few weeks now before i fly to Vegas. I'm staying at Encore and plan playing 5 or 6 of the bigger buy in events, not staying for the main, so i'll have to buy some percentages in some friends.

Hardly been playing at all online. Its been going well when i have, and i've been playing smaller (25/50 down to 10/20), as the games are so much easier than even 50/100. I've been running at about 25 big blinds/100 HU in the last six weeks, which pretty unsustainable, but very enjoyable while it lasts.

I've put/am putting a huge chunk of my bankroll into a house in London that i'm doing a full refurb on (basement, gym, cinema room, bar etc). That money will never be going back into the poker communuty :-) ... organising the work that needs doing is far more stressful than poker has ever been. Its a pretty steep learning curve, and i hope the place will be awsome when its finished in around a year. So many decisions to make......

I really now can't afford to go on a high six figure downswing now, but i think its refocused me and i'm playing good at the moment. A big tournament score would be amazing at the moment. Fingers crossed.....


thedon said...

i swear all the last few blog articles have started with the impending trip to vegas! the refurb sounds awesome man- very sweet. your a man with good taste.

Anonymous said...

Ben, it would be great to see some current pictures of the place so you can show before/ after pictures.

which art of town is it in?

gl in vegas, hope you do deep in some :)

ruby said...

as if life isnt just sweet enough ;-)

Anonymous said...

Simple, just call lady_marmalade and tell him you've you want to play 4 card hold'em...


Poker said...

Hey I dunno if you need any advice, regarding poker getting harder and stuff, but I find I can soul read people if I think about their hand range in sexual manners. Like sometimes, some guy would overbet jam a blank river with a super fishy line, and I can tell right away he hasn't been laid in a long time, so snap call. Give it a try seriously, Freudian psychology for the win.

Anonymous said...

Good luck in Vegas Ben. what date do you arrive?

alexandra said...

Cool.. Maybe I'll see you there:)
and lol @ "poker"s comment..haha

Nick said...

Hi Ben,

Best of luck in Vegas.

I'm a longtime reader of your blog and an amateur poker player.

That aside I happen to own a company who specialise in natural stone. Tiles and worktops. So, if you are interested in keeping some of your money in the poker community then please look me up (url attatched).

I'll make sure we look after you ;-D

Take care,


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swapna reddy said...

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