Thursday, April 29, 2010

Monte Carlo

Got back from Monte Carlo a couple of days ago...

Played the main event. Had the best starting table anyone could imagine in a 10k euro buy in event. Finished Day 1 with 58k ish chips. There were three terrible players on the table. Limp calling 3 bets with Q6 off, and crazy stuff like that. It was a race to get their chips.

Second day i busted level 2 all in pre with KK v TT. T was the door card and that was that. You can't push on and do well in these big events if you can't win those.

Other than that, Monte Carlo was great. Weather for once was amazing throughout. Had some good meals. Lost credit card roulette for 3 meals with 6 people, 5 people and 5 people. 150/1 to lose all three FML. Needless to say everyone enjoyed me losing them all immensely.

Vegas is only 6 or so weeks away, and i'll be playing about 8 events there i guess....


Anonymous said...

ul, playing any SCOOP events Ben?

Milkybarkid said...


May play a couple of the Omaha ones and the main event!

donald said...

good luck for vegas in a few weeks. let us know how you get on. nice hearing updates on here from your international ventures. i'm heading to MC in august.

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