Thursday, April 01, 2010

Everything changes

There were times many times over the last five years of playing online PLO, that i felt unbeatable. I never played nosebleeds, apart from the odd tilt shot, and was happy getting the lot at $50/$100. I used to win maybe 7/10 days, and i once remember a streak of 28 winning days. The easy days seem over for the time being.

There are many problems with the games at the moment. Online HU PLO has become full of "game selectors", basically nits that sit around all day waiting for one or two super fish. They don't even play the bad regulars....

The games are dry on the Euro sites, and most of the players on Full Tilt who will play me HU $50/$100 or higher are at least competent. I don't have the patience to sit around for 8 hours waiting for a fish to arrive.... so often end up playing big winners.

This is a bit of a rambling post. Anyway, i'm not losing this year, but my goals have drastically changed. I'll be ecstatic if i make $1 million this year in online poker, i have very little chance of the $10 million online poker graph i was aiming for by the end of 2010. I will get there before i retire though.....

Just kinda bored of poker at the moment, though i am looking forward to Monte Carlo and Vegas. Maybe i'll luckbox some tournament and love poker again


jogodopoker said...

Olá. Parabéns Gostei muito desse post e seu blog é muito interessante. Vou adicionar no meu blogroll. Se possível dá uma passada lá no meu blog, é sobre o poker online

Anonymous said...

simple answer to your problem

get in touch with victor and trade accounts. think of the plo action you could get on his account and the nlhe action he could get on yours ;)

both of you win plenty


Anonymous said...

thats good advice

I often rail the Full Tilt tables and the other day say 1 full table of HU NLHE at 10/20 and 51 tables with 1 player sat at, all bum hunting for fish. I thought it was daft.

What alias are you using on tilt?


Razboynik said...

I sympathise with your predicament...

(written with a straight face)

Poker Tips said...

Hi Ben,
Hopefully u'll love the poker again. A little curious to ask, what size of BR do you advise in general for HU PLO ?

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you don't NEED to play poker as I'am sure your not short of why not take a long break from it..for like a year? As it sounds like you don't enjoy it much any more...and maybe just look forward to EPT and WSOP.
What other interests and passions do you have in life?.as we never hear about them?

Milkybarkid said...

Poker Tips - Its so hard to say. I wouldn't recommend playing any level without 50 buy ins...

Anon - Year off does sound tempting. Its hard not to play when most of my friends have normal jobs, and i guess i don't have enough hobbies to fill in the kinda spare time i'd have. I do a bunch of travelling which accounts for around 3/4 months most years.

Milkybarkid said...

Use my own name as my alias on Full Tilt. Haven't played since i dropped $50k the other day :-P

James said...

How about you work your arse off and focus on getting better? Or...drop down and play smaller games.

Anonymous said...

Nobody has been able to tell me why you can't have anonymous poker aliases?

It could be optional and people who bum hunt could sit and wait for those bums who haven't gone anonymous and anyone worth his salt can ante up like a man.

Obviously people will say oh it's not fair because you can't accumulate knowledge on players but if it's the same for everyone and optional, whats the problem? Everyone's sharing or buying hand histories so that argument is corrupt anyway.

Good luck anyway.

JJ said...

Thanks for your advice - something which maybe I dont take to heart often enough!

Scott , Halfswing, HalfSwingKing said...

Sorry i couldnt of helped you sir. Just lost my roll playing PLO HU. How long do you think before low stakes PLO HU action dries up?

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