Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Tech Help

I need some computer advice.

Basically i have a decent set up. Computer/two giant monitors. I have major problems with my connection. It lags all the time/often disconnects. My main computer is wireless through a Belkin dongle. I have two wireless providers BT and Sky.... whichever i'm connected to i get the same issues.

Anyone recommend a company that can give me a 100% reliable connection? Even if it means getting my set up wired in/paying alot of money. Disconnections cost me a fortune.


Rhi said...

First I'd suggest running an ethernet cable straight from your router to your pc then you will find out if it's a wireless issue or actually loss of internet connection. Until you know this for sure then you won't know how to solve the issue.

To be honest, at the stakes you play I would get an ethernet cable run straight from your router anyway and not rely on wireless as it's always open to interference.

If cabling will be unsightly then get another phone point installed in your office and put your router in there so the cable doesn't have to travel far.

Rhi said...

Even though I said about ethernet (which I still think would be best), as a quick test of your wireless signal and possible interference issues, this is a program that will allow you to see other wireless networks running close to you which could be causing interference, it will also allow you to see the strength of your wireless signal.

I used it to solve a problem when we moved as I couldn't get a signal in the office. Changing the router location and wireless channel helped me pick a channel no other networks were on.

It's free and open soure, just install and start scanning. Leave running while you are connected and you can monitor the graph as to whether your wireless is disconnecting/losing signal.


Kuco said...

I had a same issue with my wireless.
Change the channel on a ruuter for your wifi.

Milkybarkid said...

I already changed the channel previously with an engineer on the phone... no better!

Rhi said...

Have you checked the router log so you can see if it's losing the internet connection?

Rupert said...

Get 2 connections and a load balancing router. Make sure one conenction is cable (most likely Virgin) and another ADSL (if you're in an LLU enabled exchange - can check on samknows.com then go with O2 or BeThere). Don't have any recommendations for a load balancing router as such, but that's what you need.

And yes, run a wire don't use wireless.

Yojimbo said...

As stated above the problem is most likely with the wireless connection which is never going to be 100% reliable.

You should be using an ethernet cable to connect to your router/modem. Having failover between 2 ISPs will also help but wireless is the biggest point of failure.

C said...

get an ethernet cable for sure...!!

Meteoric Poker said...

What rupert said - another name is a multi-WAN router like a Linksys RV042 router.

You plug both your adsl and your cable modems into the same router and then your computer will use both networks (so if one goes you'll still have the other).

Even though you end up switching IP addresses instantly when there's a dropout, pokerstars, Full tilt etc is still ok with this...

Anonymous said...

update the firmware on the router. i had the same issue with a belkin router.

Mike & Louise Saban said...

Ben, with the nose bleed stakes your playing for, you would be better of paying for a managed service from someone like BT to provide you a fully resilent dedicated pipe to the internet rather than relying on the public connections that can be impacted by how many other local customers of that provider are connected at the same time as you. It might cost you several grand more per year but will give you more overall reliability.

As currently setup, as others have said, try fixed connection to the router, and then router swap.


Rupert said...

I mean if you're going to go all out and get a leased line, you might as well get a diesel generator in case the power cuts out as well...

Wonky said...

Ben had lots of issues like this in the past as well.

You just have to work off what may be causing it one step at a time.

1: Try a wired connection 1st although not sure this will fix ur problem.

2: Is your router plugged directly into your main BT socket or an extension? Main BT socket better, if you take the face panel off the main socket theres a test socket thats isolated from rest of house. Try this and if the problem goes away its most likely your phone extension wiring in the house or an attached device.

3: Have you got a sky box connected to the line? Sometimes causes issues.

4: Check ur Line Attenuation and Noise margin on the router status web page. Netgear routers perform significantly better than Belkin at maintaining a line when at the margins.

5: If you dont want a dedicated pipe from BT then make sure you have a good ISP (ie none of the main providers) Get ones that specialise for Gamers that do not traffic shape. IDNET very good in my exp.

Spent month trying to sort my problem out a few yrs ago... swapped to a better ISP and a NETGEAR router and it improved 1000%

http://www.thinkbroadband.com/ has lots of info.

Milkybarkid said...

Cheers for all the help/info....

Hellblood said...

Hi Milky,

get some profesional help :)
I decided for a computer expert service some years ago. It makes life really easier!

Tom said...

Given the stakes you play MBK you should get yourself a leased line, e.g. http://www.zen.co.uk/leasedlines/default.aspx
Guaranteed 100% up-time. Expensive, but for you probably pays for itself 10x over if it saves you even one pot per year.
And don't connect wirelessly: use a cable. Pay someone to wire your house up if need be.

Alex said...

> Guaranteed 100% up-time.

This can never be guaranteed.

As others have said, before you try anything... run an ethernet cable.

Having to ADSL providers is moot, because both will likely terminate at your local exchange, giving you still a single point of failure.

Best of luck

Ross Hamilton said...

As others have said don't rely on a wireless connection. Use ethernet cables, wireless is often flaky.
If there is a reason for not having a router or telephone point in your office you can buy dlan devices which run ethernet over your power cables (I use them, have never had a problem with them).
As disconnections cost you a lot of money I'd have go for two connections. One normal wired connection over the internet and one wireless 3G card and 'team' the connections together them. So that the wireless connection takes over in the event of your local internet connection going down.

tsm said...

hey ben one quick question, do you offer private coachings?

Milkybarkid said...


I've never done private coaching.... had a few offers but never been tempted.

Not even sure what the going rate is for doing it.


John Smith said...

Great article, I will for sure be back to read more that you write.

. said...

I have the same issue with FTP.I never lag/disconnect hard line but do a ton wireless.

I tried messing around with my wirewall client last night and changed the exceptions.It's not conclusive yet but I didn't lag/disconnect once.So maybe it's your firewall program(I don't want to mention mine client or ask yours due to security)
Bascially I denied all exception rules.I found alot of wierd ones through AIM/MSN programs that seemed like week backdoor holes in those programs as they work the same with the exceptions denied.

The best thing would be to run an ethernet cable but you probally view it the same as me....it should't dissconnect wireless and I want to figure out how to maintain a stable connection.You could even try uninstalling the poker clients and re-installing.I noticed I had these isses since those freak FTP updates last month....think w ehad like 9 updates in space of 5 days and one day we had 3 or 4 updates.