Saturday, August 22, 2009

Action time

Seems ages since i last played... well three weeks is a pretty long break. I'm to to concentrate on playing mainly Full Tilt, and maybe stop being a nit and have a bash at the 200/400 and 300/600 games that have been going if i run ok at the medium stakes.

September/October also has a bunch of live tournaments that i'm going to play, so hopefully i'll update the old blog a bit more often!

Just got sent a link to an article about me in Inside Poker


Ukgatsby said...

Did you get a deal post Betfair ?
gl gl

Highstack said...

I would imagine that no deal was required if he's playing that high. In fact feeling you owe someone to make an efort is probably negative ev when he'd rather be sat in his room eating Wotsits and wanking whilst taking a far greater amount online :-)

Milkybarkid said...

Nah no deal post Betfair. Just play tourneys when i feel like it these days.

Quavers > Wotsits

Anonymous said...


While you're demolishing the 2/4 and 3/6 games, could you also tear Haseeb Qureshi a new arsehole. It bugs me the way he is always waiting at 50/100 PLO HU as if he's the dog's bollox. Thanks

Royce Peever said...


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