Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Not much news

July has been a bit grim pokerwise. I'm pretty much even for the month, having been down about £200,000 at one point. I've been running terribly in $40,000+ pots, which are obviously crucial when you mainly play 25/50 50/100 stakes.

August will be a slow month as well as i'm having a few weeks off. Then it will be full steam ahead into EPTs and the WSOPE.... bring them on!

Also please don't message me in the comments offering advertising or anything rubbish like that.... :-)


Anonymous said...


When you have a breakeven or a losing month do you do anything different the following month?

Anonymous said...


I was just wondering if you do stocks and shares as it seems like a natural progression for a poker player of yor standard.
Also, do you post on 2+2, if so under what alias.

reuven said...

...take your beautiful R8 and take it for a spin down the british coastline....make a stop in seasalter and have lunch at the sportsman pub !

enjoy and send pics ;-)


Johnny Aces Poker Coaching said...

Hey Ben,

Always liked ur blog, and you have a good taste in motor too.

Anyway, ive just started blogging too, see me at www.johnnyaces.co.uk,
would you be interested in sharing some crosslinks?

whats your contact email?


Anonymous said...

whenever I know a guy on a losing streak they always say the same thing...."im breaking even for the month" :) dont be ashamed to be honest about losing.