Monday, June 22, 2009


Sick... entered day two 6th in chips in the PLO. I had a fun pot that would have put me massive chip leader on over 400,000 when i held J9xx v 8TJJ v 8TKA on a 8TQ flop after alot of preflop action. The case J hits the turn and back door diamonds came, as well to make sure i lost the main pots and side pots. TILT.

I fought back up to 220,000. Then i called a 12k raise with TdQhQdKh against two opponents. Flop came T75 rainbow and it was checked round to me. I checked. Turn the Kd to give me top two, and second best flush draw. Guy who raised pre now bets the pot of over 40k. I reraise the pot and we get it all in. He has KKxx .... no one outer K to get me involved, and i'd still have chips.

I steam won $40,000 online to make my tilt factor a 7/10, rather than the 9.5/10 it was!

GG Vegas, fly home tomorrow.....


Dave said...

Given all that, you are doing well that your tilt factor is only 7. Mine would probably be 11.

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Eugene said...

A lead on the flop with a pot bet looks mighty strong and might even take it down for you. Obv I don't know the dynamic at the table but it's tough to call a lead there knowing there is a turn and a river.

Frederico said...

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Anonymous said...

Hey Ben, remember when you used to compare your earnings to Robbie Fowler ? He must now be copying you - he drives an R8 the same colour as yours !!

Anonymous said...


Why aret you playin the main event can you just not be bothered?

Milkybarkid said...

Yeh missing the main event...

Three weeks was enough in Vegas and i'm too lazy to fly back for one tournament!

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I of course kid, why do these muppet scammers troll here. Poor Ben.

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