Saturday, June 20, 2009

Last Vegas chance

I've got the $10k PLO in a few hours, which is my last tournament at this years WSOP.

I've played a couple since my last update. In the $5k PLO i went Ace cracking with 48TQ DS and saw a great 445 flop and was quickly all in v AAxx. Turn the A to send to to the rail - tilt. I also played one of the $2k NL donkfests and was up to 20000 in chips when i held AK v KK on a K45 flop, which i couldn't get away from.

I've hardly played online at all, and i've enjoyed the break. I plan on playing some bigger stakes online as soon as i get home.


Anonymous said...

gl day 2 of the omaha

did you have a go at the big game btw?


Bazclef said...

Best of luck in day 2 dude.

Amy said...

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Anonymous said...

interesting you would call it a donkfest only to make a donkey play to bust.....pride goeth before the fall.