Wednesday, May 20, 2009


After losing the $300,000 in 36 hours a few weeks ago i've been running pretty hot, i'm up about $550,000 in two weeks. I've played from 50/100 to 300/600 in that time, and i've got some money on Full Tilt again and hopefully i won't bust me roll on there.

A few hands because i haven't posted any in a while....

Pretty easy call after good river card

Flop the wrap

Nice flop for my hand

One i lost - standard

Another i lost - This one was real tough. I three bet pre and flopped the second nuts, and i have two eights as blockers against the nuts. I think my play gets worse throughout the streets. I think folding the flop is a bit weak.... bleh i spewed on the river, but i guess i was check calling anyway....

Tough spot again - I full timebanked the river. I changed my mind so many times about calling in the thirty seconds i had to make a decision. In the end i decided he was capable of a three barrel with air, and getting over 5/2 on the river i made the call.


Anonymous said...

Good to see you back on Full Tilt!

Hopefully we will see you at the 500 1000 soon

Anonymous said...

yeah that wuld be awesome , love to see you take a shot and run good in that 500/1k game. u must be intching to play it!



Fenix35 said...

hey, nice reading your plo stories on the blog. I'm currently playing smaller stakes PLO but hope to improve on the game a lot in the forth coming months.

I've linked you up to my blog, not sure if you do blog linking or not, but whatever!

Good luck at the tables

Nosey said...

Hello Ben, hows things going...? It's nosey...what you up to these days?... things going good? I started playing full time a couple years back but i dont think weve bumped into each other for a while, just thought i'd say hello since i found your blog on google...hope everythings going well....catch up sometime..a.t.b.