Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Fck my trainers

Well last Wednesday i went to the gym and realised i'd forgotten my trainers, so i went home to collect them. I had a quick look online and saw a new name with a big stack at 50 100 and decided to sit in.... 36 hours later i'd done $300k. Definitely my biggest loss in a short period i think, i ran insanely bad including 3 pots over $40k when i was over 85% favourite, i played pretty terribly too especially after i was about $150k down...... so ridiculous that if i'd never forgotten my trainers i wouldn't have played. Tilt.

Anyway, i spent the last week recovering and have got back about 80% of what i lost. The $300k loss threw my plans to chill before Vegas. Definitely no more sessions like that for a while!


Anonymous said...

was this on betfair?

sick btw, but as you said last year, it was to be expected for more swings this year

Anonymous said...


Great blog ! really!

Where do you play please ? When ?

The last 3 week, i don't see you on full tilt, stars or betfair...


Anonymous said...


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