Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I've been back playing for about a week, and my year has started pretty good. I'm mainly playing 25 50 and 50 100, just till i get a decent chunk up on the year, then i'll play bigger... :-)

I've been four betting alot preflop lately, and its alot of fun and creates great action. I've had a $24k stack at 10/20, a $38k stack at 25/50, and a $50k stack at 50 100... though not much profit because it took me alot of buy ins to get them.

I see the schedule for my yearly donation at the WSOP has come out. I'll book to go out in the middle section for a few weeks as thats when most of the events i want to play are, i'll probably miss the $40k opening NL Hold'em event and the main event.

A few of the hands/luckboxes that i've played this year so far:

Couldn't put AKxx in his range so jammed river rather than called


Not sure what i was doing, maybe it was jetlag

I also got randomly sent a link from the London Review of books here, which mentions me and Dave "Dubai" Shallow.....


Anonymous said...

wow that last hand, 6high flush.
your crazy lol.

Is the difference between the avg. and great plo players, the amount of gamble?
Im playing 1/2 & 2/4 and doing ok, but Im super tight as I need to make a weeks wages every week and also Don't have a big bankroll.

Should have gamble a bit more?

poker kid said...

four betting the flop creates great action but also creates great risk. what would you recommend for amateurs in similar situations? to play risky or risk-free?