Monday, December 10, 2007

Playing the big tables!

I have had a big rollercoaster in the last 4/5 days. Been playing $50/$100 up to $250/$500 PL Omaha and NL Hold'em. Here is a pot i played in $250/$500 NL Hold'em...

Big Call

I played Heads Up $100/$200 PL Omaha yesterday and reached my biggest ever stack on a poker table, as you can below. I did lose $55000 on a couple of other tables but won $130,000 on the session. A nice Xmas bonus!

I was going to go to EPT Prague, but am so busy over the next week i just don't have the time. Was looking forward to it as well, as i have never been to Prague.


xrayspecs said...

Ben, that is an amazing call. Please tell me what you were thinking.

Anonymous said...

The link to your stack is broken. How much did you have?

Anonymous said...

I have the utmost of respect for Ben, but I don't see it as an amazing call. If the villain had 10s or better on the turn he would have bet (at least I would have bet in his position). Because he didn't, it looked like he was just trying to take the pot on the river, as the 9H was unlikely to have helped Ben.


Milkybarkid said...

I agree Kevin

I was getting nearly 3/1 on the call, so purely on a maths basis i'd call here most of the time.

It didn't seem like the type of board someone would value bet a marginal hand. So he either had a monster or not very much given the action.....

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Anonymous said...

Can you not auto-delete these self-promoting clowns ? !!!

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