Sunday, December 02, 2007


It didn't go to plan! We started with 15000 chips and i lost a fair chunk on the opening hand. Blinds 25/50... i faced a raise and reraise to 600 to play before i looked down at AsKs in the big blind. I called and the flop was Qs4s5h... opponent checked and i bet 1000. He made it 2000. I considered reraising but i was a little concerned he had QQ. Turn was an offsuit J. So i had a Gutshot too now. He bet 2500 which obviously priced me in. River was a blank and if he checked i was going to push, but he bet 3000 and i folded.

After that without really hitting very much i managed to get up to 25000 practically playing every hand. I won a big pot on a 9T37A board with 68... that was the high point.

My exit hand was slightly bizarre. I pushed when i really shouldn't have with Kc2c after floating on a Ac3d3s flop the 4c on the turn, seemed a good spot to check raise all in. My opponent was probably pot committed though and called with A4. If the 4 hadn't arrived on the turn i'm sure my plan would have worked!


Anonymous said...

But would you have pushed without the 4c :).

Milkybarkid said...

Not after the amount he bet no. His bet made him pot committed most of the time.

Poker Tips said...

Yeah, depends on how the guy had been playing prior to that hand for sure.