Saturday, November 17, 2007

Omaha Tourney

Hehe you can now take me on in an Pot Limit Omaha tournament - exclusively on Betfair Poker.
ALL admirers of this fantastic four-card game thinking that their Christmas has come early.

The tournament will carry a big old $5,000 Guarantee as well as a bounty worth $100 for knocking me out on my home soil!


What: MILK THE KID - $5,000 GTD PLO
When: Every Monday at 7:30pm (GMT)
How much: $55 with rebuys in the first hour and add-on available
Finer details: 2,500 starting chips, 20 minute levels
Bounty you say? Indeed, Ben “Milkybarkid” Grundy will have $100 on his head!

Had a pretty sick week online. Had a stack of over $100k on a $50/$100 table and still ended the week down due to a two hour session of $100/$200 NL Holdem where i didn't win a single decent pot!


Anonymous said...

Hi Ben,

Can you drop an email regarding a small biz proposal to

Many Thanks


Anonymous said...

I am not being offensive but...are you seriously advertising a $5k grtd tourney? This 'huge' tourney is a $55 rebuy meaning they expect just 100 entries, re-buys and top ups..This is pathetic.

I understand that you are sponsored by them but at least work harder to improve the site rather than patronising the 'little' folk..

You seem like a good guy and I'm glad you are sponsored by betfair but their poker is joke.