Thursday, November 01, 2007

EPT Dublin

I just busted on Day 2. Had a below average stack going into the second day and was looking to make some moves early to try and get some more chips.

Two hands led to my bust out. Blinds 400/800. I had 17000 stack. Mid position pushes all in for 7300. I look down at AhQh on the button and push. He has A9 and a 9 comes on the flop. My stack would have been ok if i won that hand.

Then i was down to 8000 and i pushed all in from the cut off with A5 and got called by AQ. No help from the board and i was out. I keep making Day 2 of these events so hopefully a decent result isn't too far away!


Betfair said...

You're going to win one of these things eventually. If you keep losing key pots with the best hand that proves you are a good player. Even good players can go a long time without winning. I am sure you are due a win - save it for monaco...bon chance

tkone said...

Hi Ben,

I played with you on day one of the EPT dublin, sat 3 to your right (you check raised me on a AK9 flop).

I played pretty poorly, for some reason i can't control my nerves in big buy in live events and it affects my ability to think straight.

was wondering if you remembered the hand where i took forever to call with the underfull against the irish guy? I was 95% certain i was behind but got blinded by the 40k pot, do you think you could have folded there given he seemed like a fairly ordinary player?

Did i seem like a fish? I felt like i did.

Betfair said...

Mike & Lou said...

Hi Ben

Thanks for dropping by. My blog entry had dropped off the bottom of the page from our meet:-

Going to play in the Sheffield Winter festival next week, £300 on Thurs and £500 event the next day, if I have any success I might come and join you in Aussie after xmas.

All the best - Mike Saban

Milkybarkid said...

Hi Tkone

I don't remember the 40k pot. What did you have? What was the board? What did he have? I'll probably remember then.

I know what you mean though. Its easier to call when the pot grows, and you don't want to miss out on such a big pot!



tkone said...

Hi Ben,

It was against the irish guy with tattoos.

I limped in mp with 33, so did you and the scandie to your right then the irish guy in the SB raised and we all called apart from the BB.

Flop was 10,7,3

He raised, i called hoping for some action out of you aggro players but you both folded.

Turn was Q and he bet and i should have raised but called.

River was a 10

He bet and i re raised and he re re raised for 7k.

I nearly folded but didn't and he showed QQ.

If you don't rmember it don't worry about it.

I stopped playing tournaments a while to concentrate on PLO, i may poat some hands for your thoughts sometime soon if you don't mind.



Milkybarkid said...


I remember the hand now.

It was a tough spot. I do remember thinking he seemed very strong, and i was pretty sure given the action that you both had full houses.

I can't say whether i would have called or folded it your spot. But when an opponent three bets the river, its almost always a huge hand.

Feel free to post any PLO hands if you want my thoughts!