Saturday, October 13, 2007

WPT Barcelona day 2

Steaming... just busted out.

Playing 16k stack (blinds 200/400) ... I called the BB with 67 suited after two callers to a raise. Flop 67T with two clubs. I led out for 2500. Guy who raised preflop called. Turn a T. I bet 3000. He called. He seemed weak and its tough to put hom on a T. He may have an overpair in distress. River a Jack and i pushed all in. He dwelt for ages and i was sure he would fold. He finally called with 88. lol. I found a calling station.


matt said...

thats alex jacob - he's ALMOST as good as you

Smart Money said...

I guess the double-club flop was what fucked you then as he obviously read you for betting a flush draw. Unlucky.