Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Since WPT Barcelona i've been playing aload online including two 16 hour sessions last week. I've managed to get some monster stacks at $25/$50 PLO ... my biggest was $78k and i lost a flip to make it very close to $100k so called it a day. Mind you i think in that particular session i was in for $40k anyway!

Here are a few hands i've played lately.

Donkish draw that was winning all the way! lol

Bad misread

A much better read

One word - TILT

Next up on the tournament circuit is EPT Dublin. After that the GUKPT final and EPT Prague. Hopefully i can get a result in one of them!

Also i forgot to blog about this before, congratulations to Dusk Till Dawn on securing their license to open a poker club in Nottingham. Hopefully there will be some big festivals held there. It will definitely be good for all poker players, as they will run tournaments for all buy in ranges.


Cosine said...

Is Jimmy Carr any good?

Milkybarkid said...

Hardly played with him. Only 157 hands on my poker tracker.... not enough to decide!

toyzzz said...

why do you describe the last one as tilt? his tilt? looks well played to me

Milkybarkid said...

Well i was very tilted afterwards. His call was terrible. He must have been tilted before.....

toyzzz said...

i figured out you meant your tilt about ten minutes after.

I hate those hands, played perfectly, moronic call and lose a huge pot.