Sunday, September 09, 2007

WSOPE £5000 Omaha

Had a massive rollercoaster day going down low in chips then up to about 65000... felt like i was in good shape with double the average the took two big coolers.

400/800 - Durrrr from Full tilt made it 2000 to go i called with A6QT double suited and the small blind called too. Flop A63 giving me top two and the second nut flush draw. Small blind went bet 3500. Durrrr called. I reraised the pot as the small blind had just 3000 more and i wanted the pot HU. Durrrr called with AAxx. Main pot was 22000. Side pot 35000 ish. Turn brought me the flush though the small blind had the nut flush... i was happy to win the side pot. River paired the board!

400/800 - I made it 2000 from early position with AA57 with one ace flush draw in clubs. Two callers. Flop 2c4sKc. First guy to speak leads out for the pot. I reraise the pot to 24000 as i am at least 40% against any had he can have plus i've got fold equity. He calls with a set, and pairs the board on the turn.

Was really low after that and couldn't make a comeback.

Congrats to Buzzer on winning the £2500 HORSE.....