Friday, September 07, 2007


I busted out late in the evening of day one in level five....

I started well and by the end of level 2 i must have been one of the chip leaders with around 20000 chips. It was fun to play all the games as well..... i had a disastrous level three i went an entire orbit of the games without winning or chopping a single pot it was brutal. That put me back to my starting stack.

I got back up to 20000 chips again in level 4 and here is how i lost a chunk of them...

Razz 400/800

(A)(2)3 i three bet against a (x)(x)6

I pull a Q... he gets a K

I bet again and get called

I pull a 9... he gets a J

I bet again and get called

I pull a 6... he gets an 8

I bet and get called

Last card no improvement for my 9 low and my opponent made an 8 low on the river!

I also lost a big pot in the same level when i three bet prelop in Omaha Hi/Low with AA3T double suited. It flopped what appeared a monster for my hand 5s6s7h as i had the As3s.. I bet and got called. Turn a 5d.. i bet and got raised. I called. River a blank 3 which was the worst card in the pack for me and i got scooped by 248J lol.

Both those pots were around 10000-12000 and i didn't recover after them.

Its the £5000 PL Omaha tomorrow. Please can i run good just one time......

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