Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Running hot

I've been concentrating almost 100% on PL Omaha for the last couple of weeks, and have stepped up and started playing $50/$100 and $100/$200 PL Omaha on Betfair and Full Tilt. Luckily i've been running very good, and given the size of the games the wins have been very good for the bankroll. I played Ted Forrest and Erik Lindgren Heads Up a couple of times and was ahead against Forrest, but a bit down to Lindgren.

A few hands i have played in these bigger games.

- $100/$200 PLO. Heads Up. We both have $16000. I raise the button to $600 with AdQdJdTc. Opponent calls. Flop 7d8dQh. He checks to me. I bet $1000. He makes it $3500. I call. Turn As. He bets $4500 and i push all in. He calls with QQxx and the river pairs the Ace to give me a better full house. Was quite lucky.... but don't see how the money wasn't going to all go in on that hand.

- $100/$200 PLO. 3 handed. I have $12000 both opponents have $18000. I call a button raise in the BB with 3s4s5h6h. Flop 2h5h8c giving me a wrap and a small flush draw. I check. button bets $1500. I reraise the pot and he puts me all in. I call. He has 28KK and no flush draw. Which i was happy to see. Turn was a 3 and he missed his 4 cards on the river.

- $50/$100 PLO. 5 handed. I have $19500. Opponent in this hand $12000. I reraised pre to $1500 with JJQQ ds. Flop AK4 with no flush draw. I bet $2000. Opponent called. Turn the dream card, the T bringing a club flush draw. I bet $4000 and he moved all in the TJQK with the flush draw which came on the river.

I am playing a bit tighter in these games as opposed to my normal games. The size of the preflop raises are so big, that to put a reraise in is often over $2000 preflop. Not sure how long i will stay at these levels. If i start running or playing bad then i'll drop back down to my normal games.

Decided against going to Amsterdam for the Masterclassics. I've had such a good couple of weeks that i'm happy to stay home, and also i go to Singapore next Monday for the Betfair Asian Poker Tour which now has well over 300 confirmed entries.


All Chin said...

Hi Ben,

I've seen you playing on FT quite a bit recently. Who are Chufty, CaseyAttheBat, LFISGD, i've seen them playing quite a bit? Also what is Ted Forrest's screen name?

Any plans to play NL on FT?

All the best!


Alex Martin said...

Christ the stakes you are playing at on Full Tilt are gigantic.

All Chin said...
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All Chin said...

Just been watching you have a good session 3 handed against Gus Hansen and CaseyAtTheBat who I think is Chip Reese. And now Phil Ivey has just sat down. Talk about game selection!

ShaaBoom said...

Nice one Ben glad to see you are running well.


Milkybarkid said...

Chufty is richard Ashby a UK player!

LFISGD is Bard Booth i think...

No plans for NL on full tilt at the moment. Been playing a bit of Omaha Hi/Lo just for fun!